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Charlotte’s Top Boarding Home for Cats and Dogs

Clear Creek Animal Hospital has one of the best boarding facilities for cats and dogs in Charlotte, Mint Hill, Harrisburg, Matthews, and the surrounding area. Our boarding space can accommodate over 50 animals and has roomy kennels and a large outdoor play area. Our friendly staff gives your pet individualized attention and love. It’s like a home away from home.

At Clear Creek Boarding, we treat your pet like a member of the family because to us, they are family. That means your pet receives the best care possible and our vets are only a step away if medical treatment is needed.

Boarding Requirements

Medications: If your pet is on any medications or supplements, please bring them in the original packaging and not in baggies or pill organizers.

Food: We can either feed your pet’s personal food or our own food. If you bring your pet’s food from home, please pre-bag them for each meal.

Bedding and toys: We provide plenty of bedding and toys for our boarders and prefer not to accept these items from home. If you do choose to leave them with your pet, we cannot guarantee they will be returned due to the large amount of laundry and cleaning that happens on a daily basis.

To keep your pet and other pets safe while they are in our boarding care, we request that all boarders are up-to-date on vaccinations and parasite checks.

Additionally, your pet must have had an exam with us within the last 12 months. This aids our doctors with monitoring the health of our boarders and helps us give them a higher level of personalized care.

Clear Creek Animal Hospital boarding is open during normal business hours Monday through Saturday:

  • Monday–Friday: 7:30 a.m.–6 p.m.
  • Saturday: 7:30 a.m.‐12 p.m.
  • Sunday: Closed

Play Time

We are eager to announce that we will now be offering a variety of extra activities for our boarders to enjoy! As always, our furry guests will enjoy four leashed walks daily, but now, pet parents can elect to add-on extra play sessions, mental enrichment games, and even cuddle time!

Play Time — $10
Dogs: Fetch, tug-of-war, and tag are only some of the physical activities offered during play time! Your dog will have a great time chasing balls and bubbles, and enjoy running around off-leash in our fenced in backyard!

Cats: String toys, stuffed mice, and pom-poms galore! We will get even the most aloof cat playing and interacting in a safe, enclosed space prime for exercise and exploration.

Enrichment Activities — $7
Food puzzles, treat hide-and-seek, and stimulating sensory games enrich your pet’s stay and help to alleviate boredom and stress. Mental stimulation also helps to decrease unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking (or meowing!) and chewing.

Cuddle Time — $10
One-on-one cuddle time sessions provide pets with hands-on affection and calm interaction to mimic the home environment while you’re away. Reassuring belly rubs, gentle pats, and plenty of hugs help our guests feel comfortable and safe during their stay.

Prices are listed a la carte, but enrichment activities can be bundled with play or cuddle time for only $15!

Please contact us today to make a boarding reservation for your cat or dog.