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Quality Medical Care for Your Pet at Clear Creek Animal Hospital

Clear Creek Animal Hospital offers numerous health and wellness services for pets in Charlotte, Mint Hill, Harrisburg, Matthews, and the surrounding area. We treat healthy pets and sick pets, and our staff are specially trained to handle emergency situations.

We keep up with the latest in pet medicine so we know how best to treat our pet family. We strive to use state-of-the art equipment and advanced technology so we can provide a high level of quality care for your beloved pet.

Our pet health services:

  • Wellness

    We strongly believe in consistent preventive care and routine health exams. Take a look at our budget-friendly Pet Wellness Plans and choose one that fits your needs.
  • Vaccinations

    Bring your new puppy or kitten to Clear Creek Animal Hospital for their initial vaccinations and keep them healthy with booster shots as they grow.
  • Dentistry

    We recommend professional dental cleanings on a regular basis to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Laser Therapy

    Clear Creek offers Companion® Therapy Laser to treat pain, reduce inflammation, and improve healing.
  • Surgery

    We perform routine and elective pet surgeries, including spays and neuters and tumor/growth removals.
  • Boarding

    Clear Creek Animal Hospital provides high-quality boarding care for cats and dogs in Charlotte, Mint Hill, Harrisburg, Matthews, and beyond.
  • Radiology

    We use advanced digital radiology to give your pet on-site specialized treatment.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please contact us today.