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Pet Rehab Therapy at Clear Creek Animal Hospital

Clear Creek Animal Hospital is proud to offer rehabilitation therapy for pets in the Charlotte area. There are numerous applications for pet rehab therapy. This is one of the many ways we focus on providing comprehensive preventive care services for our pet families.

Our experienced rehab team specializes in alleviating pain and helping your pet recover from illness, injuries, and post-surgery discomfort. We also work with senior pets to improve flexibility and strength, so they can continue to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our rehab services can benefit your pet in the following ways:

  • Build strength and increase range of motion for pets with arthritis or tendonitis
  • Reduce pain and promote healing in muscles and joints after surgery. We optimize recovery in specific cases by using laser therapy
  • Improve quality of life for aging or obese pets

How Do I Know if My Pet needs Rehab?

Our pets are experts at hiding pain so it’s important to watch carefully if you notice any behavior that is out of ordinary.

Here are some things that may indicate your pet would benefit from rehabilitation therapy:

  • Difficulty jumping up on the bed or getting in and out of the car
  • Limping, hopping, or changes in gait and posture
  • Not wanting to go on walks or play with other animals
  • Swollen or painful joints
  • Changes in appetite or sleeping behavior

If you would like to learn more about Clear Creek Animal Hospital rehab services, please contact us today.